Quality First

First Things First


Accreditation is built around having teachers who work well with young children, evidence of positive and consistent relationships between teachers and children., at the same time , supports Harvest by training our educators that nurture and emotional, social and academic development is extremely important to the child’s cognitive, fine and gross motor skills in development.


It’s always about quality. Quality First looks for consistent improve of the learning environment as well as supporting health and safety expectations withing the program. Quality First supports Harvest Preschool with training and coaching to help improve out programs.


Harvest is currently a 3 Star rating, working diligently on a daily basis.

Quality First Measures the following components of early care and re-eductionation:

  • Health and Safety practices
  • Staff qualifications
  • Teacher-Child interactions
  • Learning environments
  • Group sizes
  • Lessons
  • Child Assessment and parent communication.