Frequently Asked Questions

How do drop-off and pick-up work?

You or your authorized person will need to sign your child in and out daily. If another person will be picking up the child, we will need a written or phone authorization and that person must present a valid identification before we release the child. Children must be picked up by 6pm; picking up after 6pm will incur a late pickup fee starting at $10.

When do I pay the fees?

You may pay on a weekly or monthly basis. Monthly payments are due in our office on the 1st of the month. Weekly payments are due on the Monday of the week to come. Late payments incur a $25 charge.

Can staff give my child medications?

Staff members will not give medications. If a child needs medications during the day, a parent or authorized person will need to administer it.

What if my child is ill?

Please do not bring your child to Harvest Preparatory Preschool & Childcare when he or she is ill. If your child develops a temperature of 100 degrees or more while in our care, you or your authorized person will be contacted to pick him or her up. The child must be fever-free for 24 hours before returning to our facility.

What is the emergency procedure?

Our parents must authorize that, in the event of an emergency, our staff can arrange for immediate medical attention when you or your authorized person cannot be reached.

What is the school uniform?

The school uniform is simply a Preschool shirt in red, white or navy, which can be purchased at:

  • ZTrendz, 1340 S. 4th Avenue (4th Ave. & 14th St.) – 928-783-3370 OR
  • Mother & Daughters, 2615 East. 24th St. Suite 3 and 4- 928-783-6008
What is the mat sheet cover?

The mat cover slips easily over the ends of the sleeping mat and has an attached sheet to provide the required top and bottom covers in one piece. It is available from Harvest Preparatory Preschool and Childcare. The cost of mat sheet is $15.00 and may be purchased at the Preschool.

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